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Grocery Record

Grocery Record helps you keep track of your supermarket spending and identify where you are spending most of your money.

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Privacy Policy

Data we collect
We use Google Admob, Google Crashlytics and Google Analytics. An advertising identifier is used in order to provide advertisements and we log some analytics about how the app is being used.

Google Crashlytics and Google Analytics
An app instance id is automatically assigned to each instance of an app, for purposes of computing user metrics throughout Analytics. This identifier is not associated with a user identifier, like screen name or account ID, or with a device’s advertising identifier.

Google Analytics does not use Apple’s Location Services feature. Analytics derives general location data from users’ masked IP addresses.

In-app purchase and subscription events are measured via StoreKit. Event parameters include product ID, name, and price. These events are only associated with the app instance id.

App lifecycle events, such as screen views and sessions, are automatically measured and used for Analytics features like Reporting and Exploration. These events are only associated with the app instance id.

IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.

Non-user related crash logs, which may be used to diagnose problems and improve the SDK. Diagnostic information may also be used for advertising and analytics purposes.

User-associated performance data such as app launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, which may be used to evaluate user behavior, understand the effectiveness of existing product features, and plan new features. Performance data may also be used for displaying ads, including sharing with other entities that display ads.

A Device ID, such as the device’s advertising identifier or other app- or developer-bounded device identifiers, which may be used for the purpose of third-party advertising and analytics.

Advertising data, such as advertisements the user has seen, may be used to power analytics and advertising features.

Other user product interactions like app launch taps, and interaction information, like video views, may be used to improve advertising performance.

How we use this data
These products help us gain insight into how our customers use Grocery Record in order to guide our future updates, track down crashes and offer in app advertisements.

3rd Parties
Any data collected through Google Crashlytics and Google Analytics is not shared with any third parties and is only used internally to guide development. Google uses the advertising identifier to provide advertising and this may be shared with some trusted third parties in order to provide this service.